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ART PAPERS magazine’s special architecture and design issue — guest-edited by Jennifer Bonner and guest-designed by April Greiman — was released in the Spring of 2017. With a special focus on Los Angeles, the publication features 72 pages of playful and provocative contributions by local, women writers and designers looking at the current state of architecture and design through the lens of the city’s pools — the culture that surrounds them — and the broader landscape of water and hydrology.
In collaboration with LA Forum, the launch event featured a reading/performance by the 30+ contributors (WGA included) -- all from within the basin of the Pink Motel’s empty pool. 

“We offer L.A. as a case study in the designed domestic and urban environments that should give us clues about America at large. The cleansing effects and the nourishing and communal aspects of the pool may serve us well in the possibly stifling political climate of 2017.”
—  Jennifer Bonner, excerpt from Guest Editor's Letter, ART PAPERS 41.01 (Spring 2017)