ordinary tour

As part of Dan Koeppel’s yearly Big Parade in which hundreds of Angelenos walk through the streets of the city over two days, Wendy spoke about buildings as symbols, pointing out that there’s a story behind every building, and encouraged walkers to keep a look out for keys to enhance this exploration: one's initial reaction to a building, the context of the neighborhood, a building’s approach, use, procession, materials, color and workmanship.

Local blogger Daisy Sepe referred to the talk this way: “Our guest speaker was Wendy Gilmartin, author of the L.A. Weekly blog, “Fugly Buildings.” Referring to the metropolitan horizon, she pointed out architectural eyesores and horrors. One of Gilmartin’s objectives in considering nondescript, even unattractive buildings is “encouraging everyone to be a critic.” Visit her blog at http://blogs.laweekly.com/arts/fugly-buildings/

Nicely said, Daisy!