flat lot, flint michigan

P.O.V. (Public Occupancy Vehicle)

The competition call was for the following: an innovative temporary structure that provides shelter, shade, and seating for a wide range of public events, defines space within an existing parking lot, and demonstrates the capacity of contemporary architectural form to transform space and captivate the public imagination – all while occupying no more than eight parking spaces during normal business hours. Within a budget of $25,000.

The parking lot is an urban inscription of the single occupancy vehicle. In this proposal, we populate the parking lot with a series of vehicles that are identified with different uses of parking lot space. Via the public occupancy vehicle fleet of cars (or P.O.V.s), collective public gatherings such as performances, dancing, eating, browsing, learning, and media projections can be staged beyond the home lot into the wider context of Flint. This allows the Flint Public Art Project to pair with other groups and users in the city year-round. Using the culture of customized cars (both in Southern California's rich history of this, and Michigan's auto history) the P.O.V. fleet begins to establish an infrastructure of public input and integration in public arts and further civic engagement in Flint.

Status: Competition Entry
Location: Flint, MI, US
Co-conspirator Curt Gambetta