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Cactus Club Calgary, Alberta Canada

This storefront renovation project fronts two busy intersecting streets in downtown Calgary. The design team proposed a restaurant/bar/meet-up locale that highlights the convergence of lively activity, and chance meetings at the intersection of 8th street and Stephen Avenue, in Calgary's busy business core. 

The two exterior-facing glass door systems (Nanawall) open completely to the busy corridor in downtown Calgary on sunny days, but seal in the warmth and ambiance on cold ones -- still allowing the bustling energy of the street and its luminescence in, even on the most bitterly cold of winter evenings.

The natural wood and stone palette also offers a cozy refinement, and the contrast between the dining area and bar were carefully planned to provide two different experiences in one space: either a bawdy bar scene, on one hand, or a casually intimate dining experience on the other. 

BUILT 2014

Wendy Gilmartin served as the project's project architect and senior project manager, while on staff at Assembledge+ 

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