Infrastructure functions largely on a subliminal register, though, as the ecological dilemmas of our time become un-ignorable, our attachments to nature and our fellow human beings take on a new and deeper meaning (we ourselves consist of fragile infrastructures).

So how might a new infrastructure recover those strained or lost connections? Architecture mediates our attachment to the environment at large and to larger communities. The proposed is an infrastructure that recovers resources in a continuous process could also ally an individual’s body changes “of state” and renewal with a city’s reclamation.

The tower cluster is at once a sewage/water reclamation plant, and a jungle gym for the “body politic” – a venue for community engagement, recovery, investment, play and purging that work in concert with one another at various micro and macro levels.

Status: Competition Entry, WPA 2.0
Location: Los Angeles CA, US
Co-conspirator Curt Gambetta